Full Text: Letter to Jamia VC by Ex-Students on Invitation to Modi

                                                                                       Date: 27th November 2015 


Prof. Talat Ahmad,

Vice Chancellor,

Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-25

Email: vc@jmi.ac.in, tahmad@jmi.ac.in

Copy to The Registrar: sashraf@jmi.ac.in, sashraf2@rediffmail.com


Subject: Request to withdraw invitation sent to Mr. Narendra Modi to address annual convocation


Dear Sir,

We, the ex-students of Jamia Millia Islamia, are writing to you to express our deep anguish and grief on your invitation to Mr. Narendra Modi to be the chief guest at annual convocation. We are anguished and shocked because, he is along with his party members, have been constantly involved in spreading rumors and hatred about Jamia Miliilia Islamia.

Let us share with you a video of September 2008 (it can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKrvvcr8fss) of Mr. Modi, in which he can be clearly seen misleading people during an election rally in Gujarat. We say, “rumors and hatred” because, his implied claim that, by providing legal aid to its students accused of being terrorists, Jamia is protecting terrorists, is nothing but a bunch of lies and totally based on the intention to target a particular community ​(do we need to name it?) and defame Jamia.

The simple fact is that, public or Jamia money, as claimed by Mr. Modi and his party members, was never used for providing legal aid to the students, who are yet to be proved guilty of anything, forget about the charge of terrorism. Jamia records will tell you that, if any money was used towards legal aid for the students, it was money from student welfare fund and amount collected by the students from the people of Jamia Nagar.

As far as the statement and stand by then VC and his act of standing by its students are concerned, we firmly believe that it was the need of hour and by doing so he only fulfilled his duty as the vice chancellor of the University. It was a very courageous and prudent step on his part. We can say so with a great degree of confidence because many of us were students or fresh graduates of Jamia at that point of time and there was a vicious campaign going on to tarnish the image of Jamia.

​This led to an environment, where every student of Jamia or its ex-student was seen with suspicion of being a potential terrorist. To understand the gravity of the situation, we would request you to go through the archives of newspapers, magazines and news bulletins of that time apart from the convocation address of 2008, delivered by late U R Ananthamurthy.

Believe us, had the then vice chancellor, Prof. Mushirul Hasan not taken the stand he took and to which Mr. Modi is referring in his speech, the situation would have even been worse. Moreover, despite clarifications from Jamia authorities, Mr. Modi never apologized for misleading people. Not only that, his party and its prominent members (not ‘fringe elements’) vilified Jamia and still continue doing so to further their divisive agenda. You may recall that in December 2008 Delhi assembly elections, BJP put out an advisement with the title “Jamia University funds to defend terror accused”. This, despite the fact that the then VC made it clear time and again that it is not true.

We remember, none less than the Election commission taking notice of it and stating, “The Vice Chancellor of the Jamia University has categorically stated that no fund of the institute was being used for the alleged purpose and that the students of the University were themselves raising funds,” the EC said.   But even that did not put an end to the vilification campaign against Jamia. Last year, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, BJP senior leader, V K Malhotra said, “Jamia, Batla safe houses for terrorists”

Sir, we can share with you many such statements and instances through which they have tried to defame Jamia on regular basis. We wonder what message you want to convey by inviting the person who has been part of all this. You may argue that, we have not invited him as a member of a particular party but as the Prime Minster of India. You are right, but partially. Because today none other than Mr. Modi is the face of the party and the government. We are sure, you have heard of the slogan, “Abki baar Modi Sarkar”.

We have a very simple request to you, withdraw the invitation because given Mr. Modi’s track record, he does not deserve to address annual convocation. Or at least ask him to render a public apology about his own malicious and incorrect statement before he attends the convocation.

Looking forward to a positive response.

Yours Sincerely,

  1. Asad Ashraf, (B.A(H) Eco 2007-10, MA,Peace Building & Conflict Resolution 2012-14)
  2. Mahtab Alam, (Jamia School: 2001-2003, BA (H) Economics: 2005-08)
  3. Samarth Pathak (MA Human Rights and Duties: 2008-10
  4. Rameez Raja, B.Sc(Bioscience 2006-2009), M.Sc (Biochemistry 2009-2011)
  5. Sagnik Banerjee, M.A – Conflict analysis and peace building, 2012-2014
  6. Sania Qamar, B tech 2009-2013
  7. Shafaque Alam, MA in Media Governance, 2010-2012
  8. Abhishek Roy, MA Development Comm 2004, Mass Communication 2006
  9. Mazin Khan, SSC, HSC, Engineering, Management (1992-2002, 2007-2009)
  10. Salauddin, Diploma in Engg- 2014
  11. Nishat Khan, Jamia School: 1994-2002, B.Tech in ECE: 2002-2006, MBA :2007-2009
  12. Gauhar Iqbal, B. A. (Hons) Economics 1998-2001 and M. A. Economics 2001-2003
  13. Mohd Shahid B Tech Computer Science 2009- 2013
  14. SM Talha, M.A. in Public Admn.2005 – 07, P. G. D. in Management of NGOs: 2013 – 14
  15. Afroz Alam Sahil (B.A (Hons) Mass Media 2005-08, MA in Mass Com. 2008-10)
  16. Reyaz: 2005-10 (BA and MA)
  17. Preetika Nanda, MA Conflict Analysis and Peace Building, 2012-2014.
  18. Maryam Tooba Khan BSc biosciences JMI 2011-14 batch
  19. Syed Saiam Hasan, B.A. (H) Social Work 2006-09, MA Convergent Journalism 2009-11
  20. Kt Hafis (MA Media Governance, 2011 – 2013)
  21. Amin Khan, BBS(H) 2003-2006
  22. Neha Dixit, Convergent Journalism, 2007
  23. Mohd Zakir Riyaz, BA(H) Sociology 2009-12 MSW 2012-14
  24. Md Zakaria Siddiqui, BA (H) Economics 1996-1999, MA (Economics)     1999-2001
  25. Hafiz Shakiluzzaman, M. A. Education (2008-2010)
  26. Abbas Shamael Rizvi, MA Mass Communication, 2004-2006
  27. Surya Ghildiyal, MA – Conflict Analysis and Peace Building, 2012-2014
  28. Qazi Zaid,M.A. Convergent Journalism [2013-2015]
  29. Saidali P. P, (M.A History, 2009-2011)
  30. Neyaz Farooquee, Jamia School, BSc Bioscience, MA Convergent Journalism, 1997-‘11
  31. Yusra Husain, Masters in Convergent Journalism: 2012-14
  32. SANTANU SENGUPTA, M.A. History, 2008-2010
  33. Yousuf Saeed, MA Mass Communication, 1990
  34. Muhammed Riyas M, MA Applied Psychology(2013-2015)
  35. Muhmina Mumthaz Jahan. T, MA Political Science, 2012-2014
  36. Ali Rizvi , MA Mass Communication, 2008-10
  37. Ishleen Kaur Takkar, M.A. Conflict Analysis and peace building, 2012-2014
  38. Niyas C, B.Tech Computer Engg. 2010 – 2014
  39. Uzair Hasan Rizvi, MA Convergent Journalism, 2013-2015
  40. Pallavi Paul, Mass Communication 2008-2010
  41. Ananya Basu, M.A. Social Work 2010-2012
  42. Hena Anjum, B.A (HONS) Social work 2009-2012
  43. Mohd Adil Ansar, B.Tech. Computer Science 2014 Batch
  44. Md Shakir Ali, B. Tech ( Comp. Engg.), 2010-2014
  45. Shiv Sunny, MA in Convergent Journalism, 2010-12
  46. Logna Bezbaruah, Masters in Conflict Analysis and Peacebuilding, 2014
  47. Saif Sami, M.A. Media Governance (2013-2015)
  48. Soheb Niazi, BA (Hons) Political Science 2007-2010
  49. Fahad Hashmi, M.A (Sociology) 2010
  50. Fathima Nizaruddin, MA Mass Communication, 2002-04
  51. Md Aariz Imam, BTech Electrical – 2005 -2009, MBA -2009-2011
  52. Shuddhabrata Sengupta, M A Mass Communication, 1989-91
  53. SHUEB AHMAD, B.A Hons History 2008-2011
  54. Noorul Haque, B.A(Hons) Social Work 2008-11, MSW 2012-14
  55. Zoya Qureshi, M.A (2009- 2011) Conflict Analysis and Peace Building
  56. Faisal A. Ikram, Course: MA Mass Communication 2005-07
  57. Rameez Raza, M.Sc. Chemistry, 2012-2014
  58. Sumayyah Khan, BA Sociology, 2007
  59. Md Amsal, Diploma in Electronics Engg (2008-11)
  60. Mudasser Ahmed, BA(Hons) Social Work 2004-2007, MA Mass Com. 2007-2009
  61. Rafi Ahmed, Dip Civil Engg. 1988
  62. Javed Beg, B. Tech (Mechanical), 1999
  63. Amir Khan, BA-Geography Hons. 2004
  64. Sehar Siddiqui , MA Mass Communication, 2011-2013
  65. Ziauddin Khan, B.Tech Electrical 2004
  66. Prateek Singla, B.Tech Comp. Science,  2010-2014
  67. Nisar Ahmad Khan, BA (H) Eco 1992-1995, MA Eco 1996-1998
  68. Mahtab Azad, MA Social Work, 2006
  69. Khadeeja Arif, MA English
  70. Aftab Alam, Jamia senior secondary school, 1997-99 BA Hons Pol Science, 1999-2002
  71. Hamidur Rahman, BA (H) Pol Science, 2007-09
  72. Needa Arfin Borah, M.A. Applied Psychology, 2012-2014
  73. Kabir Arora, BA Hons. Geography 2007-10
  74. Saima Iqbal MCRC , PGD Journalism, 2006
  75. Farah Shakeel, B.A.English 2001
  76. Mumtaz Ahmad B.Tech 1998
  77. Mobin Alam, MA (History),2001 M. Ed, 2004
  78. Marya Neyazi, NMCPCR, 2012-14
  79. Saima Azmi, M.A. Applied Psychology, 2012-2014
  80. Zafar Ullah Lushkary BA (Hons.) History 1990
  81. Wamiq Zia Delhi MA Eco 2010 -2012
  82. Arshi Javed : 2010-12 political science
  83. Mohammad Aariz Imam: B Tech, 2005-2009
  84. Shueb Ahmed ; 2008 -2011 History
  85. Saiyed Danish : 2007-2010 History
  86. Saira Mujtaba  2009-2011 Mass com
  87. Haseena Khatri MCRC 1997
  88. Shah kamal 2007 -2010 Sociology
  89. Adnan Mahmood Sher : 2011-2013 Mass com
  90. Aqsa gulnaz khan 2013-2015 Conflict resolution and Peace Building
  91. Faiz Ahmed.BBS (Hons) 2003-06, MBA (Full Time) 2007-09
  92. Naiyyar Azam, B. A.  Mass Media 2004; PGD Development Communication 2005
  93. Athar H. Rizvi (MA — English) 1983-85
  94. Waseem : BA (H) Political Science , 2008-2011
  95. Aman Hasan, M A.Social Work (2013)
  96. Sandipan Talukdar, MSc Bio Tech, 2008- 10
  97. Shariq Naqvi, BA Geography and MA Convergent Journalism (2004-07, 2008-10)
  98. Priyanka Guha Roy (B.A. Hons. English 2004-07)
  99. Asif Mehdi Hussain, BSC Maths 1998-2001
  100. Furquan Ameen Siddiqui, BSc Biotech: 2006-09, MA Convergent Journalism: 2009-11
  101. KASHIF IQBAL SIDDIQUI, MBA -2013 – 2015
  102. Brahmjot Kaur, M.Sc. Chemistry, 2012
  103. Nomaan Akhtar, BA (Hons) Geography and MA Geography (2010-13, 2013-15)
  104. Shahbaz Nasir – B.A. (Hons) History – 2009-13
  105. Noorsaba Khan, MA in conflict analysis and peacebuilding, 2013
  106. Ahamad Fuwad, PG Diploma in Broadcast Technology 2013-14
  107. Md Shahroz Alam, 12th School – 2007, Certificate in French,2010, B.Arch -2015
  108. K Fayaz Ahamd, M.A political Science (2008-10)
  109. Basharat Bashir Naik, MFA Painting, 2014
  110. Rahul Roy, M A Mass Communication, 1985-87
  111. Aamir Mustafa, MSW 2012-2014
  112. Devi Leena Bose, MA Media Governance, 2009-2011
  113. Farhat Shaheen B.Sc Chem (2009 -2012), MSc Chem (2013-2015)
  114. Syed Kashif, MA Political Science (2010-12), M.Phil (2012-14)
  115. Mohd Wasim, M.Sc. in Chemistry, 2011-13
  116. Obaidur Rahman, B.A. (H) Economics, 1996-2006
  117. Nayeema Nasir, B. A and M A (English), 2008-13
  118. Saba Dewan, M A Mass Communication, 1985-87

and many others.

Full Text: Letter to Jamia VC by Ex-Students on Invitation to Modi